10 Reasons To Learn German by Rajveer Sir

  • 1. Proven Results -From our beginning stage we are 100% committed in improving Students skills in german language.as other institutes just teach like hobby classes and don't promise or introduce goethe exam,It's extremely difficult for these students because the Goethe exam is way more different than what is taught during the normal lectures. we encourage students through our proven methodology and experience to clear certification exams from Goethe institute And manage to maintain more than 90% success result each time.
  • 2. 100% Job Placement -As a great number of students nowdays want to work in the field of language experts in different Mncs. We provide our students 100% job guarantee after learning german language without any charges.at starting package of 4-5 lacs per annum.
  • 3. Webinars -Weekly Webinars with Student's in Germany. Our most of students are studying or working in Germany.we strive to be an individual institute to share all details with our students.through online webinars we invite students to ask all questions about studying in Germany.
  • 4. Exam Preparation -Solving the maximum model papers has several advantages as it improves skills and chances of passing exam confidently. We help students even after course completion through Doubt classes and during course promise to sovle 10 modal papers even others are not close to finish courses on time.
  • 5. Comparison -German language always remains the top option for Indian students due to various reasons like study, work in Germany or in India. Nothing to be better in way of comparison with other institutes, which provide 100% job placement and result guarantee.
  • 6. Best Study Material -We provide our students best online and offline study materials.to become fluent we divided our online and offline course in pronunciation practice, Grammar practice, listening practice,writing practice, vocabulary practice.
  • 7. Free classes -We are dedicated to offer scholarship at our own individual institute level to our students, those pass Goethe Exam a1+a2 with more than 90%.Next all levels from b1 to c2 will be free.
  • 8. All levels A1 to C2 - Others just offer a1, a2 basic levels.no matter what level your university or job profile want we will be there till the end.
  • 9. Exam preparation for scholarship -
    - DAAD
    - Goethe Institute
    - Test Daf
  • 10. Quality Policy -Don't worry about how to be connected with German language after course completing.We make it interesting and interactive with the help of German speakers club. (created by Rajveer sir )more than 50 active German speaker students will be with you always to follow same path of excellency in German language.


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