Mr. Rajveer Singh is a German language specialist and German language Certified trainer (from Goethe institute new Delhi) with more than 6 years of teaching experience. Before starting teaching the German language he has worked as a German language trainer in Amazon, also undertakes freelance translation projects with various German companies. He was also a very admired and excellent student during his study at Goethe Institute because of his constant best performance in all levels from a1 to c2 levels. Helping other students during his learning in Goethe institute for 2 years he managed to explain all doubts most easily and then find his interest in teaching German Language and took a teaching orientation program in the German language. Germany is an important destination for higher studies, there are many students, they want to go to Germany for free education. The Only problem students face is a lack of certified teachers. He has observed in a few institutes, teachers are highly unqualified and have little or zero experience in teaching. They haven't even done B1 or B2 levels. But the fact is, to be a German teacher, one has to complete at least a B2 level from Goethe institute and must undergo several teacher training programs before he or she becomes fit for teaching German as a foreign language. He started his institute to provide the best online and offline German language classes and developed the methodology, easy reach to German for over 1000 plus students to all age group Engineers, Doctors, other professionals, homemakers, Adults, CGL aspires to be a role model for German language excellence. He is dedicated to meet all student’s diverse motivations to opt for the German language course. each student is given the best possible instructions in a small class size by him.


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